Dayseys Diary. "Daysey Doesn't Do Downpours!"

By Andy Day - Team REKO

Hi Ho, Hi Ho! it's off to Wales we go. I set off in my van for the 3 1/2hr drive to Cadair Idris & The Little Pig Duathlon. This is a great race put on by Brutal Events & the names in the title. Having completed the Big Pig in 2014 (Race report here) Cadair Idris is a mountain in Gwynedd, Wales, which lies at the southern end of the Snowdonia National Park near the town of Dolgellau.

I'd decided to do the shorter event this year, as I don't have the bike legs to do 105 miles these days. (Here he goes again,bring out the violin) I'd been checking the weather forecast over the previous day's & it kept showing rain. Great! Running up & down a mountain in the rain didn't bother me but it's the bike where I struggle. Not being equipped with a lot of body fat (body of a small boy) once I get wet / cold I suffer big time. Needless to say, I wasn't overly looking forward to it.

Race morning & I woke at 4:45 & had my normal breakie of soaked out,chai seeds, Maca powder, 1/2 avocado & banana 😋 The race started at 7am, so this gave it plenty of time to start digesting.

I rolled down the hill (in the rain!) to HQ & registered. I know Claire Smith the race director & she'd kindly left the door open for me to up to the big event if I so wished on the day. Nooooooo! Not as long as I've got a hole in my ass, was I intending to do that in this weather. My skin may be waterproof but Daysey 'shaking like a s@*ting dog' isn't a look I like to rock too often.

I racked my bike & finally worked out what kit I need where & when. It wasn't raining at the start but I decided to run the mountain stretch with my waterproof jacket on. Better to be safe than sorry, I thought. It had already been stated that we weren't going to be able to run to the top of the mountain due to the weather & it was changing all the time. I must be honest & say, although I love a challenge I was quietly pleased that it was to be shortened a little.

The race started dead on 7am & off we went running / walking up the mountain. I settled into my rhythm & was in about 8th place. The weather didn't get any worse & we were turned around about 2.5miles up & set off on the descent. This produced its own issues with the slippery stone / trail under foot. At one point I lost a trainer & thought I might need that, so turned around to retrieve it. I ran towards T1, taking my waterproof jacket & cap off as I ran.

Into T1 & on with my waterproof cycling jacket. I also had my Team Reko short sleeved jersey on over my tri suit! Like I said before, "Daysey doesn't like to get cold" 😊 On to my bike just as the rain started to get heavier. Obviously being Wales, it was either up or down. Out of T1 we gently climb straight away & then it's what feels like a sheer drop. I will admit I descended slower than a slow thing in a who's the slowest competition! I was overtaken by a rider that was clearly not a big girls blouse, like me 😳 At the bottom of this descent there is an almost 180 degree left turn. I turned this corner in what can only be described as Cruise liner fashion.

I then got on to my TT bars & tried to get going but the legs weren't having it. In the words of Star Trek "We need more power captain" but the engine room said "Nooooo!" It continued to rain in a biblical fashion at times & I got wetter & colder & had the ongoing argument in my head of sacking it. "I'll pretend I've had a mechanical" "I could get off & let my tyre down" "I'll say I've been throwing up" BUT being a legend in my own lunchtime & never DNF'd yet, that realistically was never going to happen. It passed a few miles away though. 😎 I had to stop at the aid station to refuel a little but I was reluctant to stop as I knew I'd get colder. ****Now I have to say a huge thank you to Claire & her mom Jill because what they did for me was above & beyond what they had to. As I'm eating natural I'd text Claire earlier to ask if there were bananas at the aid stations & she confirmed she'd make sure there was. However, when I got to the event Jill had actually also put a container with nuts,raisins & Nakd bars in, with my name on it at each station. A really kind & thoughtful touch 👍

I grabbed a banana & a handful of nuts & the raisins & off I went. The legs started to get slower though & the long climb towards the end seemed to go on for ever. You know you are in trouble when you look down for a lower gear & the bottom of the climb & there isn't one! 😩 Then to top it all off as you turn off the route & back towards transition, you have to climb a 1/2 mile long 'wall' I had been overtaken by 2 riders just prior to this & my legs were now screaming "Stop the world I wona get off" I was climbing that slow, it  was almost a balancing act! 😏

Into T2 & I quickly lost the jacket & put my trainers on. Out onto the run & I quickly realised I'd not put my cap on. A quick 'vain' moment when I realised due to the rain my hair now looked like a cross between Shirley Temple & a microphone Oh well!! The 10mile off road run, takes in rolling fields, water, rocks, steep descents / ascents & its a real leg buster.

I passed Jeremy Fellick the winner of the last two years after about the first mile & then caught up & ran with another runner (Simon Thomas) . I made the school boy error of thinking Jeremy was cooked & I thought I'd just take it a little easy for a while. We hit the aid station at 6.7 miles & suddenly Jeremy came running past. Dam! I set off after him but he had clearly found his second wind & as a fell runner he tippy toe'd up the steep bits & I couldn't close the gap. As I ran I could see another runner in front & hoped I'd catch him but unfortunately that never happened & I ran into the finish alone.

7th place was all I had today. Respect to everyone that took part in those conditions & to the six athletes that showed me how it's done 👍

I got to fly the Team Reko flag, in my albeit very wet tri suit ( & enjoyed my post race delicious recovery bar thanks to Rich (

Awesome event put on by people who love the sport & genuinely care about the athletes!! Thanks as always to Team Reko (
Andy 'Daysey' Day -

The PIG Ultra Duathlon

The UK's toughest, Ultra Duathlon - June 11th 2017, Dolgellau, Wales

This exciting, original event is set in breathtaking surroundings at the foot of Cadair Idris in Wales. There are plenty of hills on all the courses to get your teeth into and amazing scenery to take your mind off the pain. The first run is up and down the mountain, Cadair Idris (6 miles) this is followed by a 105 mile road bike course and finally a 20 mile, hilly, trail run.

Mountain run route | Road bike route | Trail run route

Not quite ready for the Big PIG? There is also a half version of this event...the Little PIG! Run the 6 mile moutain course, bike 55 miles and finish with a 10 mile trail run.

Entry Options

The PIG - 6m mountain run, 105m road bike and finish with a 20m trail run - £135.00
The Little PIG - 6m mountain run, 55m road bike and finish with a 10m trail run - £68.00

Relay team options available on both races (Pig - £185 / Little Pig - £98) and camping is included in your entry fee (Friday night only).

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"Awesome event, can hardly walk today! Hardest duathlon I've ever done" - Luke Davies

"Thanks for a top-notch event. Jesus, I hurt today!" - Jon Evans