Double & Triple Brutal Athletes - 2017

Name: Robert Hopkins
DOB: 10/10/1973
Distance: Triple
Race resume: London Marathon, Triathlon X, Cotswold Way Century
Club: Thornbury Running Club
Reasons for taking on the Double / Triple: To test myself. The Triple will.

Name: Gavin Burrough
DOB: 17/09/1981
Location: Bridgend/Wales
Distance: Double
Race resume: IM Wales X2, IM Wimbleball, Brecon to Cardiff Ultra 
Reasons for taking on the Double / Triple: I want to see how far I can push myself before I have to wave the white flag. 

Name: Christopher Gay
DOB: 05/04/1972
Location: UK / Wales
Distance: Triple
Race resume: IMW, IMM, IML, Outlaw, Alpe D Heuz, LCW
Reasons for taking on the Double / Triple: As I want to push myself to the limits and I'm sure this will , + Another step to the Top 

Name: Nick Cohen
DOB: 03/08/1988
Location: England/Leeds
Distance: Double
Race resume: Single Brutal Tri/London Triathlon/Leeds Triathlon 
Reasons for taking on the Double / Triple: To see how far I can push myself! 

Name: Jonas Harjula
DOB: 02/11/1988
Location: Karlstad, Sweden
Club: Coach: Kari Martens Club: i2 IF TriathlonKarlstad
Distance: Triple
Race resume: 2 IM Kalmar and Laponia Triathlon (IM-distance)  
Reasons for taking on the Double / Triple:To test my limits and see if this event is as hard it seems to be... 

Name: Toby Hellman
DOB: 13/11/1966
Location: Tregaron, Wales
Distance: Double
Race resume: Brutal Triathlon's 5 times. Dragon Duathlon. Outlaw Triathlon and various ultra marathons.  
Reasons for taking on the Double / Triple: I am doing the double again because of unfinished business... 

Name: Chris Shirley
DOB: 10/07/1983
Location: London, England
Club: Team: The Hiatus Journal
Distance: Triple
Race resume: 2009 + 2012: Ironman UK (Bolton). 2015: Devizes to Westminster canoe race, Rat Race man vs mountain. 2016: London marathon: Guinness World Record: Set the first world record for fastest marathon with a 100lb backpack.  
Reasons for taking on the Double / Triple: To find out how far is too far!

Name: James Titmus
DOB: 01/12/1986
Location: Cotswolds, England
Distance: Double
Race resume: (main events): 9 Ironman Triathlons (IM Wales x4, IM UK x2, IM Lanzarote x1, IM Barcelona x1, IM Frankfurt x1)  
Reasons for taking on the Double: For a greater challenge.

Name: Ali Little
DOB: 8/08/1980
Location: Andover, Hampshire
Distance: Triple
Race resume: Ironman Wales, The Brutal Extreme Triathlon, Isle of Wight Ultra marathon  
Reasons for taking on the Triple: To push myself to the limit and challenge myself both physically and mentally.

Name: Oliver Houlton
DOB: 08/03/1978
Location: England, London
Distance: Triple
Race resume: Brutal Double IM, Rat Race: City to Summit, Triathlon X, Oravaman, Wasdale Triathlon, Elbaman  
Reasons for taking on the Triple: Fear is the best motivator!

Name: Dale Mccarter
DOB: 13/03/1980
Location: AGB/ Salisbury
Club: Team: Shaun Greene / team STAR
Distance: Double
Race resume: Army Triathlete, Imber Ultra marathon, Cotswold 24hr Ultra marathon (105 miles completed in 24 hrs.)  
Reasons for taking on the Double: I am taking on the Double as an individual to push myself beyond what I thought possible and to raise awareness for Alzheimer's/ Dementia charities.

Name: Billy Conlin
DOB: 16/11/67
Location: UK ( North Yorks)
Club: NYPTri
Distance: Double
Race resume: Long distance triathlons and ultra runs  
Reasons for taking on the Double: Done Outlaw, Ironman, Triathlon X. This is the next step in my ongoing mid life crisis.

Name: James Rooney (aka Pudge)
DOB: 17th May 1978
Location: Merseyside, UK
Club: Pirate Ship of Fools
Distance: Double
Race resume: IM Lanzarote in 2014 & 2016, IMUK in 2014, Hardcastle 24 in 2015 (1st place with 103 miles, and my only ever podium finish!)  
Reasons for taking on the Double: Have heard nothing but glowing reviews about the event and the Brutal team, and am attracted to the low-key and friendly vibe that I hear is an ever-present at your events. The location of the event looks pretty stunning and the course profile looks hard as nails. The very real prospect of a DNF is something I find strangely alluring. Also, having followed TC's progress in the triple last year, I decided that I want a (albeit slightly shorter) piece of the action too!

Name: Claire J Cresswell
DOB: 13/07/1973
Location: West Sussex, UK
Club: Mid Sussex Tri Club
Distance: Double
Race resume: London Marathon, New Forest Marathon, Austrian Ironman, Roth Ironman, selection of 70.3 best one Rapperswil Switzerland, New Forest IM, Walked Ben Nevis, Race to the stones 63 mile run  
Reasons for taking on the Double: I want to achieve something that is going to test me out on every level, physically and mentally …this will do just that. I love an event to focus on and this is a tough achievable one, things I will I need to step up too are ….. fear of the dark ….and being selfish for the next ten months …. If we only have one life then this is my kinda challenge !!!

Name: Mark O'connell
DOB: 10/04/1976
Location: North Yorkshire, UK
Club: Bedale Tri
Distance: Double
Race resume: Wales Ironman, Outlaw full distance, Triathlon X, Helvellyn 1/2 distance, Exmoor 70.3.  
Reasons for taking on the Double: I want to do the double just to push myself that bit further, to see if I have the mental endurance to see it to the end.

Name: James Fargus
DOB: 16/12/1977
Club: Phoenix Tri Guildford
Distance: Double
Race resume: Immortal Full IM 2015, Challenge Roth 2016, IM UK Weymouth 2016 and Cotswold 226 2017. Windermere one way 10 mile swim, Alcatraz Invitational Swim, 2x Henley Bridge to Bridge Swim. Devil Dragon Ride 300km 2017, Tour of Wessex 2016 & 2017. 9Bar Ultra-marathon 2015  
Reasons for taking on the Double: My best mate John died of cancer this time last year so I'm raising money for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice where he spent his last few weeks. And because the event exists.....

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