Endurance Nutrition and Recovery Drinks Proven to Deliver
GlycoSource is serious sports nutrition for athletes; endurance supplements designed to prolong performance and reduce recovery times. Developed for all disciplines of endurance, from cycling training to triathlon, from swimming to IronMan and Crossfit, GlycoSource recovery drinks will enable you to go further and recover faster.

The Benefits of GlycoSource
Our unique blend of carbohydrates, protein and amino acids makes GlycoSource the ultimate endurance and recovery drink. A vital weapon in your cycling nutrition plan, a trusted ally in your triathlon nutrition diet, GlycoSource is clinically proven to deliver 35% more endurance and provides 30% more effective recovery than carb loading alone. GlycoSource delivers these groundbreaking performance gains using 44% less carbohydrate. It is lighter on the stomach during training and competing, enabling athletes to perform at the highest level without the discomfort associated with high carbohydrate intake.

When Should I use GlycoSource
GlycoSource can be taken both during and after performance. During shorter events such as cycling training, sprint triathlons, gym sessions or 10k runs, GlycoSource is sensational as a recovery drink. Taken immediately after performance, the rapid replenishment of Glycogen helps to prevent injury and restores your energy levels, so you are ready to perform again at the same level, no matter how intense your last session.

For longer events or high intensity training over one hour, Glycosource provides vital nutrition during performance to increase endurance levels. Whether Half Marathons, Marathons, Ironman, Rowing, Open Water Swimming, Squash, Crossfit or Ultra Running, glycogen levels are maintained for optimum performance. Beat the Bonk, say "So Long" to the Wall, GlycoSource enables you to push further than ever before and be ready to do it all again with minimum downtime.

Free From Banned Substances - The Informed Sport Guarantee
All Science Fitness GlycoSource products are certified Informed Sport supplements. Each product has been tested, certified and appears on the informed sport registered products list. This is the benchmark for nutrition for athletes, with the Informed Sport accreditation athletes can be sure that every GlycoSource product is 100% free from any banned substance.

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