The Brutal Extreme Triathlons

Sept 15th 2018 - Llanberis, North Wales


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The Brutal Extreme Triathlons start in the beautiful (and slightly chilly) Lake Padarn. The bike course goes through stunning scenery and over some challenging hills. And finally, the run takes you on a undulating trail round the lake and up and down Wales' highest mountain, Snowdon.

The Brutal was not so much a race, but a life experience that has made everyone who took part at whatever distance, and in whatever capacity, better for being there

- Mark Yates - Triple 2015

This is 'The World's Toughest Triathlon' (as voted for by 220 Triathlon - see here) but it is renowned for it's low-key and friendly vibe. Every athlete, whether it's your first triathlon or 21st, will feel the massive support from not only the event crew, but the other competitors too. The challenging terrain and breathtaking scenery creates an awesome experience that will stay with you long after the aches and blisters have gone!

The distances available are Half, Full and Double (the Triple will be back in 2019) You can enter all of these events as a solo or in a team (2 - 4 members).

New info

PLEASE NOTE - you no longer need mountain support crew for the Full Brutal. The mountain medics are being substantially increased to allow this changed to be implemented safely.

You do still need at least 1 member of crew for the Double.

Brutal t-shirt for all entrants and medal for all finishers.

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Race Information

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Info Pack

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What time is registration on Friday?
Registration (which will include mountain bag kit check) is open from 16:00 till 20:00

What time is race briefing on Friday?
Half / Full Brutal briefing is 19:00 - Double (plus crew) is 20:00

Where is registration/briefing on Friday?
Registration/briefing is held in Electric Mountain (LL55 4UR)

Does my support crew have to register?
No, but they have to attend the race briefing

Do I rack my bike on Friday?
Your choice, there will be overnight security if you decide to leave your bike in race HQ on Friday, but if you can't be parted, then you can rack on Saturday morning

What time is transition open on race day?
From 05:00

What time/day does the race start?
All races start at 07:00 Saturday 15th September 2018

Will there be food / drinks on site?
Yes, there is a catering van open from 05:00 till late on Saturday and from 09:00 on Sunday

Can I wear gloves for the swim?
Yes, as long as they are not webbed!! You can also wear booties and extra hats.

Do we get out on every lap of the swim?
You get out every second lap of the swim. There will be hot drinks available lakeside.

What will be available at the aid stations?
Science Fitness - Glyco Source, flapjack, cheese scones, bananas, biscuits, jellybabies, water, coke and CAKE!

Where are the aid stations?
One on the bike (mile 14) One on the run (2.5 mile approx) and one at HQ

What happens before I start the mountain section?
Before you head off to Snowdon, you will be required to check in with a medic to ensure that you are fit and well enough to climb up and back down a mountain. This check is essential but will not take more than a minute

Is there car parking available?
There is no parking on the event field but lots of car parking close to HQ and in the surrounding village

Where can I stay?
Click here are some B&Bs, hotels, campsites and bunkhouses available near race HQ

Are there showers in transition?
No, only portaloos

What are the rules?
No drafting. You must wear a cycle helmet. No MP3 players or similar. No littering and you must mount and dismount at the designated points.

Race cut offs

Half cut offs
Swim - 1 hour
Bike - 6 hours
Total - 12 hours

Full cut offs
Swim - 2 hours
Bike - 12 hours
Total - 21 hours

Double cut offs
Swim - 4 hours
Bike - 26 hours
Total - 42 hours

Laps and order of Snowdon section

Half Brutal
Swim - 2 laps
Bike - 2 laps
Run - 1 Lake Lap and then Snowdon

Full Brutal
Swim - 4 laps
Bike - 4 laps
Run - 3 Lake Laps and then Snowdon

Double Brutal
Swim - 8 laps
Bike - 8 laps
Run - Snowdon first and then 8 Lake Laps

There will be trophies awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd male / female in all races.

What kit do I need for the mountain section?

Issued map (waterproof pouch/bag needed)
Waterproof/windproof coat
Waterproof trousers
Extra warm clothes
A fully charged working mobile phone (water proofed) with emergency number in
Glow Sticks x2 (Full / double only)
Survival foil blanket
Head torch (Full / double only)
More than 400ml of water or other drink
Blister kit

Support crew
Waterproof/windproof coat
Waterproof trousers
Extra warm clothes
Head torch (Full / double only)
More than 400ml of water or other drink

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Support Crews

YOU DO NOT NEED SUPPORT FOR THE HALF AND FULL BRUTAL RACES. This is because we have increased the mountain medics on Snowdon, but if you want to take a support runner with you, you can.

YOU DO NEED SUPPORT FOR THE DOUBLE BRUTAL This must be at least 1 person, but 2-3 is more suitable.

Your support crew MUST support you during the night section of the bike and also on the mountain section. For the bike section your support crew must NOT follow directly behind, but instead wait for you safely in lay-bys or car parks. For the mountain section, they must stay near you at all times.

There is no parking / camping on the field. The best place to camp to support a double athlete is here, as the bike route goes past this point before heading into Llanberis OR you can support them from the main marquee, which has cooking facilities and areas to set up a campbed etc. Please contact us to discuss this further if unclear.

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Team Info

You can enter any of the Brutal Triathlons as a relay team. This can be an ideal introduction into extreme Triathlons or a less 'brutal' way to complete the Double ;-)

You can have between 2 - 4 members and you can break the event up any way you want to (share the swim, bike or run laps) The timing chip must be changed over in the main HQ marquee and the mountain runner must have support if you are taking part in the Double.

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Entry fees

Half - £125
Half team - £225

Full - £255
Full team - £355

Double - £345
Double team - £445

If you are unable to find a support crew, we can supply one for you.
Double support person - £350 (price inc. fuel) Please email for details.

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