The ONER Ultra Trail Run

April 13th - 14th 2019 - Portland, Dorset

This is the mother of all ultra trail runs! 82 miles over the world famous Jurassic coastline with over ten thousand foot of ascent and a strict 24 hour time limit. This is a seriously tough event with only 50% of runners normally making it to the finish line.

The organisation, crew and logistics are incomparably superb and the coastal route is simply stunning.

- Nick Hanlon-Brooks - 2013

The HQ is based on Portland (DT5 2AN - this will be clearly signed from all directions on Portland!) and runners are transferred to the start point in Charmouth. You then have 24 hours to run 82 miles over extremely challenging terrain to Studland, Poole.

All runners supplied with a tracking device for safety (link available for family / friends to view your progress). Hot meals available at the halfway point and all other checkpoints have food / hot drinks. Check points are approximately every 10k

>>Click here to view the 2018 competitors information.

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Half ONER entry available. ONER tech tee to all who start and medal to those who finish!

>>There is a private Facebook group for ONER competitors, please search 'The ONER 2019' and send a request to join.

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The ONER will give 5 qualifying points for UTMB registrations

Race Information

The Route

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2018 Info Pack / Route Maps

>>Click here to view the 2018 competitors information.

>>Click here to view the 2018 route maps.
(You will be given copies of the maps when you register, so no need to print them out)

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What time is registration on Saturday?
Registration is open from 08:00 till 10:15

What time is race briefing on Saturday?
The mandatory briefing is 10:20

Where is registration/briefing on Saturday?
Registration/briefing - St Georges Hall,

Where does the race start?
The race starts in Charmouth and you will be transported to the start point in minibuses at 10:30

What time does the race start?
The race starts at 12:00

How does the Half ONER work?
You start the half at 12:00 noon in Charmouth and finish your race at Portland (HQ and CP 6).

What will be available at the aid stations?
Science Fitness sports nutrition, bananas, sandwiches, pizza, crisps, sausage rolls, biscuits, jellybabies, water, tea, coffee, coke, cake and many other treats!

Where are the aid stations?
The check points are every 10k aprox.

Is there carparking available?
There will be a map of car parks close to the HQ in the info pack.

Are there showers in HQ?
No, only toilets.

What are the rules?
Follow the route as closely as possible. No littering. You must wear your high viz and glow stick at sundown. You must carry all the items on the kit list.

What happens if I need to pull out?
Make your way to the next CP and you will be taken back to race HQ. If you are unable to do that, either call the race director and make your location known or alert the next runner.

What happens when I finish?
A medal and hot soup awaits you and then you will be transported back to HQ, unless you have made other arrangements.

Race cut offs
The check point timings are found on page 9 of the race pack.

What kit do I need?
Issued maps for that day in an A4 waterproof map case (bag) in an easily accessible place. (Make sure these maps are tied in some way to your kit, one gust of wind and they're gone!)
Useful numbers, check point timings, and lost procedure.
Compass (make sure your compass is attached to you or your kit). Note. A compass on your phone is NOT acceptable.
Waterproof top
Long trousers or tights
Gloves (water proofed in plastic freezer bag)
Hat (water proofed in plastic freezer bag)
Chocolate bar or similar
Small torch with spare batteries
More than 400ml of water or other drink
A light weight piece of warm clothing (water proofed)
A fully charged working mobile phone (water proofed)
An item of high visibility clothing - this can include high visibility strips on your back pack
A waterproofed note pad and pencil with the following information clearly printed on it: Your ICE (In Case of an Emergency) contact and contact number, your name and your mobile number and medical information that medics or rescue staff should be aware of.
Issued Glow Sticks and Cable Ties
Waterproof map case

Are there UTMB qualifying points available?
The ONER will give 5 qualifying points for UTMB registrations

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Entry fees

Half ONER - £90
Full ONER - £180

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